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Kryptek Typhon Camo Clothes & Combat Accessories Australia

Kryptek Typhon Camo Clothes & Accessories

Kryptek Typhon is one of ten contemporary camouflage patterns designed by Kryptec Outdoor Group for tactical operators working in various transitional environments. Innovative Kryptek designs incorporate states of the art technology and include verified camouflage concepts, successfully imitating foliage and animal, as well as marine and geographic visual features. Just as the other Kryptek camo patterns, Typhon makes use of a multi-directional design to successfully conceal in a huge number of landscapes with either lateral or vertical flow, at both close and long ranges. Two layers of transitional shading on the background, foregrounds with sharp random geometrical shapes, and a light-reflecting gradient with colour schemes selected to mimic natural surroundings (blacks, blues and greys) help to create a three dimensional effect which work well during the night time tactical operations in most environments, including urban and industrial surroundings. Kryptek camouflages became largely popular amongst Hunters, Airsoft and Paintball players as well as Special Operations and Law Enforcement personnel, and were applied to a great amount of combat clothing and equipment, including military uniforms, tactical vests and chest rigs, webbing, hats, caps and head gear, and variety of accessories, bags and rucksacks, some of them now being available at the Military 1st online store.
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